When you first bring your baby home from the hospital, it can be a very exciting and scary time. This tiny infant is going to be staying with you for quite some time, in your care, and you are the responsible party. This sometimes can hit hard the minute you walk in the door of your home. Babies require a lot of care, they cannot fend for themselves whatsoever, and they cannot tell you what they want, so it's up to you to get your baby what they need and to keep your baby as safe as possible. Read on for things you need to know when you bring your baby home from the hospital.

Have Your Car Seat In Place

You're going to want to have your car seat in place and properly installed in your vehicle to keep your infant as safe as possible. You can go to your local fire station to see about how to install a car seat properly. Some car seats can be difficult to install yourself, so have someone help you if need be. Before you leave the hospital with your infant, someone from the hospital may check your vehicle to be sure your car seat is installed. Don't wait to install the car seat as you are trying to leave the hospital; have it in place a week or two beforehand. Make sure you place your infant in the car seat the right way and buckle your infant in tightly.

Feed Your Infant Formula Or Breast Milk

If you aren't able to breast feed, or you have chosen not to, formula is the other option. There are a number of different types of formula available, and you may have to try a few different ones depending on your infant's needs. If your infant is crying a lot or is very gassy you should try formula made for sensitive tummies. If your infant is choking on the formula a lot, you may want to talk to your pediatrician about thinning or thickening the formula a bit. 

Get Your Infant On A Sleep Schedule

Your baby is going to sleep quite a bit for the first couple of weeks, then your infant will sleep a little less and less, and will definitely not be sleeping through the night for awhile. Be prepared for this lack of sleep. You're going to not feel like yourself, but your baby needs you. If you need to, nap when your baby naps. Try to get your baby on a sleep schedule. 

When you bring your baby home from the hospital, it can be exciting, but a bit overwhelming. Talk to your baby's pediatrician about the best pediatric care for your infant.