When you are considering doctors for your children, it is important that you find one you are comfortable with. The doctor you choose should specialize in pediatrics and they should be trained to deal with babies, small children, and even teenagers. 

Convenient Location

When it is time to start looking for a new doctor, it is a good idea to find one that is close to your home. If the doctor is a long drive from where you live, emergency calls can be difficult. If the child is not feeling good, the last thing they want to do is ride a long distance in the car to see the doctor. 

Not every doctor will be in your neighborhood, but if you can minimize the distance to the office, it can make it easier when you have to go in for any kind of visit. If you live in a very rural area, you may not have a lot of options close to you and you may have to consider a doctor that is a few miles away from you.  

Friendly and Good With Kids

This may sound obvious but it is not always true of pediatricians. It is important that the doctor has the skills needed to treat your child, but it is equally important that they make the child feel comfortable and are able to explain things to you and put you at ease as well. If the doctor does not have good bedside manner, it may be harder on you and the kids when you do have to take them to the doctor. 

Insurance Coverage

Some times you will only have a few doctors to choose from because of your insurance coverage. Insurance companies often work with specific doctors so make sure you get a list of the ones your insurance covers before you start considering offices to take your kids to. The insurance company should be able to tell you who is in your area, what the copays and costs to you are, and if the doctor is taking on new patients or not. 

If your insurance company does not have a doctor listed in your area, they may be willing to let you go to a doctor near you and still cover the visits. Be sure to call and talk to them about it before you make an appointment with the doctor so you don't end up with a bill from the doctor that is not covered. 

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