Most times, after you have a surgery performed, you will be strongly urged to undergo physical therapy. This is especially common after major surgery, such as a knee or hip replacement. In many cases, your doctor may even recommend a physical therapist for you to see.

While you don't necessarily have to follow your surgeon's specific recommendations, you really should pursue some type of physical therapy, preferably with a therapist who has worked with patients in your situation before. Doing so can really speed your recovery and offer a wide range of benefits.

Get Back to Normal Movement and Range of Motion

After a major surgery, people are often frustrated to find that they cannot move as easily or as fully as they once did, especially at the joints.

This can be bothersome, especially since many people think that hip or knee replacements will fully restore them to how they were before they began having problems or developed an injury.

The truth is that most surgeries can restore movement and range of motion, but they don't do so instantly. They also don't do so without some work and re-learning on your part. That's where a physical therapist comes into play. These professionals can help you to learn to move again after your surgery and, with their help, you can move just as easily and freely, perhaps even more so, as you did before.

Find and Eliminate Weaknesses

When you undergo physical therapy, your healthcare professional will typically give you many exercises and activities to do.

By observing you as you complete these exercises, your therapist can see where your weaknesses lie and where you need improvement within the body. Once the physical therapist has identified the weaknesses, they can come up with movements and specialized exercises to strengthen those areas of the body.

So, if you want to grow stronger, healthier, and better in the unique ways your body requires following surgery, physical therapy is the way to go.

Reduce Pain and Speed Healing

One final benefit of working with a physical therapist is that these professionals are adept at giving you exercises and remedies to help you fight pain within the body following your surgery.

Many of the treatments and recommendations they offer can also reduce swelling and pressure, which can speed your recovery and get you back on your feet faster.

Physical therapists are important professionals, and they can make all the difference after surgery. So, don't skip this step. It's an important part of your healing.