Some people think that asthma is something that you are pretty much born with. They may have gone to school with students who carried an asthma pump or possibly even witnessed a peer have an asthma attack. However, the truth is that asthma is not strictly relegated to birth. Adult-onset asthma is a very real thing and if you don't know what to look for you could be totally in the dark concerning whether you or someone you care about has the ailment. Read through the symptoms below and if any of them sound familiar it's time to head over to an asthma care specialist.

Pay Attention To Late Night Coughing

Excessive coughing at night is a very common sign of nocturnal asthma. This can be a very hard sign to catch simply because if it happens while you're sleeping you probably don't even know what's going on. Although you're sleeping and aren't aware of the coughing there are some specific signs that can clue you in to whether or not this is a problem for you.

For example, if you share a bed with another person you should listen to them very closely. Do they joke or make little remarks about you coughing all night long? They may make the comments in a laughing tone of voice but they could be actually helping you determine if you have asthma.

Also, do your part by being a sounding board for your bedmate. If they cough all through the night you have likely gotten used to it. Instead of overlooking the matter you may want to speak up. Your words could be the start to helping them find a solution for an issue that might be causing problems in other areas of their life.

Do You Wheeze When You Breathe?

Because you breathe all day every day it's so easy to get used to your particular style. Breathing should be a nearly silent activity but if you have asthma you might notice that you wheeze when taking breaths in and out. 

You don't want to ignore this because it could be an early indication of a health issue. Get to an asthma care services center and let them give you a full examination.

Finding out that you have asthma could be the beginning of the road to a better quality of life. Schedule an appointment at an asthma care services facility and get the help you need.