Once thought of as just having a nose job to improve your beauty by reshaping your nose, rhinoplasty offers much more than that. It can improve medical conditions including breathing problems. So if you are constantly enduring miserable environmental breathing problems, you can get help by having a rhinoplasty procedure performed especially for your chronic sinusitis problems. 

Sinus-Related Issues

Sinus congestions, chronic sinusitis, and nasal allergies disrupt your lifestyle routines as you're always sneezing, wiping your eyes and draining nostrils. Congestion in your airways, along with dry mouth symptoms, leave you with little or no energy. A functional rhinoplasty procedure may be the answer to your problems.

Blocked Sinuses

Your sinuses bear a nasal skin lining that is quite thin. It is referred to as the mucosa. The mucosa skin lining produces mucus that circulates out of each sinus and flows into your nasal cavity with the help of cilia hairs. When an obstruction occurs, the flow of mucous ceases and becomes backed up in the sinuses You then experience pain and pressure as a result of the blocked sinuses. The condition can become worse, which might make you a candidate for surgical intervention. 

So if you're planning to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure, you should discuss your sinusitis problems with your surgeon. Since rhinoplasty can be combined with a surgical procedure to address your chronic sinusitis, this is a great opportunity to have both conditions addressed during one surgical procedure. Once you and your surgeon agree on why you should undergo a combined rhinoplasty and sinus surgery, be aware that the surgery will take longer than a single choice of a rhinoplasty procedure.

What's The Procedure All About?

The combined procedure will begin with the sinus surgery and followed by rhinoplasty. Your surgeon will work inside your sinus cavity and make only small incisions. Special tools will be used to cut into and remove tissue that blocks your sinuses. If nasal polyps are seen, they'll be excised as well. Your surgeon may make the decision to use balloon sinuplasty with the use of a small catheter that's placed in your nasal cavity. The catheter leads into the blocked sinus cavity area.

Septoplasty Is Another Optional Procedure

You also have another option to address your breathing and nasal problem if you're experiencing a septum-associated issue. The septum is made up of tissue that divides your nasal passages. If your septum is badly misaligned, that could be the cause of your breathing difficulty. A septoplasty procedure will correct your deviated septum. Just remember though that you must prove that you have a chronic sinus problem. Once that is medically documented, you can then discuss the issue of reimbursement from your insurance company. 

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