Cancer can affect people of every nationality and ethnicity, as there are 454.8 new cases of cancer for every 100,000 men and women every year. When you are diagnosed with cancer, your doctor can recommend the right type of treatment options. In addition to chemotherapy and radiation, there are other herbal and natural treatments. Here is information and instructions for two of these alternate treatments, which you can complete along with your current cancer treatment with your doctor's approval.

Budwig Diet

One method for treating cancer is to eliminate unhealthy fats in your diet and replacing them with healthy ones. Dr. Johanna Budwig worked for the German government in 1952 while she studied lipids, pharmacology, fats, and oils. In the process of completing her research, she found that all the processed fats and hydrogenated oils used in foods today destroy your body's cell membranes. This destruction of your cells causes them to become diseased and allows your body to become toxic. She believed it is this toxicity is what prevents your body from healing itself of the cancer cells. 

To help combat the body's dell destruction and toxicity, Dr. Budwig developed a diet that she used to help treat cancer patients for over 50 years with more than a 90 percent success rate. This therapy essentially replaces unhealthy foods with processed fats and oils that are present in today's diet with a diet complete with healthy oils and fatty acids.

Dr. Budwig created a meal that is a combination of cottage cheese, flaxseeds, and flaxseed oil, which can help rebuild your body's cells. This diet was shown to help cancer patients because when cottage cheese and flaxseed and its oils are mixed together into a meal, your body absorbs the nutrient's ingredients faster and more easily when you eat it combined, than if you were to eat the ingredients separate in other foods. 

You can mix your own recipe following the Budwig diet using foods that are available at many grocery and most health food stores. Combine six ounces of cultured dairy, such as cottage cheese or goat's milk kefir with four tablespoons sprouted and ground chia or flaxseed, one tablespoon of flaxseed oil, one teaspoon of turmeric powder, and one-fourth teaspoon of black pepper. Mix all these ingredients in a blender to supplement one of your meals each day.

Essiac Tea

A Canadian nurse Rene Caisse was give the recipe for Essiac tea in 1922, which was said originally came from a Native American medicine man. A couple years later she decided to test the tea on her aunt, who was dying from stomach cancer and her mother who had liver cancer. Her aunt lived for another 21 years and her mother lived another 18 years, both cancer free. 

After these two experiences, Rene decided to test and develop the original Essiac tea formula into a more refined version, testing it on mice in her laboratory. Her refined formula includes four herbs: burdock root, sheep sorrell, slippery elm, and Turkey rhubarb. She continued successfully treating hundreds of cancer patients with this recipe for over 50 years.

The four herbs in Essiac tea work together for fighting cancer cells in your body in several ways. First, burdock root contains anti-cancer properties, including niacin, which cleanses your body of toxicity by removing many poisons from it. Extracts from the burdock seeds have been found to fight leukemia in patients.

The herb sheep sorrell, including its root system are effective in reducing tumors and causing metastasized cancers to regress. Sheep sorrell contains aloe emodin, which has shown to treat leukemia, and contains healthy antioxidants to boost your body's immunity.

Slippery elm's bar is used in the Essiac tea formula, as it contains properties that reduce inflammation in your body. This herb also contains beta-sitosterol and a polysaccharide, which both have been found to help reduce cancer cells. Last, the herb Turkey rhubarb also fights cancer cells, reduces inflammation, and is anti-bacterial. 

You can purchase Essiac tea herbs online and make your own tea by boiling the herbs in water for the recommended time indicated on the product's instructions. You can also find the herb in capsules and in an extract form. This herb can be taken several times each day to help with treating cancer, following each product's instructions.

These two treatments can be used in addition to other cancer treatment options. Read more about cancer treatment and be sure to talk to your doctor before making any changes or additions to your treatment.