Low testosterone levels in a male may not meet the benchmark of a life-threatening condition, but it is, nonetheless, a medical diagnosis that should not be ignored. As a sex hormone, people often limit the impact of testosterone to one of sexual function and development, but testosterone is important for several metabolic functions. If your testosterone level is low, it is important to address the matter. 


As an adult, you likely already have a long list of responsibilities that do an excellent job of making you tired. When you add low testosterone to the equation, the level of tiredness you experience will lead to noticeable fatigue. 

Low testosterone may make you feel like your energy has been depleted. In cases of extremely low levels, you can even feel like no amount of rest will allow you to feel refreshed and energetic. A low energy level may not just have an impact on your personal life, it can also have an impact on your ability to function professionally. 

Mental Focus and Mood Swings

One of the metabolic functions that this hormone helps regulate is your mental and emotional well-being. While the pathway of this regulation is intricate, when the level of testosterone declines significantly, it becomes harder to maintain a steady state of emotional and mental well-being. 

For this reason, it is common for someone with a declining testosterone level to notice that not only is it harder to remain focused, but that mood fluctuations also seem more common, which can cause many issues. Speaking with a health care professional about a testosterone replacement option can help address this and many other effects.  

Weight Gain

One reason males tend to have more muscle than females is testosterone. The higher this hormone level, the easier it is to build muscle. As you might imagine, when the level of this hormone begins to decline, the ability to build muscle declines, as does the ability to retain muscle mass. A decline in muscle mass can quickly trigger an increase in body fat. 

Body fat will not only cause weight gain, but it can also open the door to some dangerous, chronic diseases. A healthy diet and exercise regimen can help counteract this weight gain, but you should have the low testosterone levels addressed. 

If you notice any indicators of low testosterone, or you have any other concerns, do not ignore the matter. Be sure to reach out to a low testosterone doctor to get this medical concern addressed.