If your pet has a medical condition that requires medication, but they're having a difficult time with the process, it might be time to choose compounding medication. People have been reaping the benefits of compounding medication for years. Now pets can enjoy the same benefits. Before you use the same single-ingredient medications for your pets, read the information provided below. You'll find five important reasons to use compounded pet medication for your pets medical needs.

Allow Transdermal Application

If your pet has a hard time swallowing, or oral medications don't work fast enough, compound medication may be the answer. With compounding,oral medication can be turned into creams or gels, which allow for transdermal application. This allows for medication to be applied directly to your pets skin. If transdermal application isn't the best option, compounding also allows for medications to be turned into suppositories for your pet. 

Ensure Proper Dosage

If your pet requires medication, but it's been difficult to get the dosage right, talk to your veterinarian about compounding. In most cases, medications come in predetermined dosages. Unfortunately, that means dosages can't be altered to adjust to your pet's specific needs. One of the benefits of compounding is that dosages can be adjusted to suit specific needs. This option is especially beneficial where pain medications are concerned. 

Protect Diabetic Pets

If your pet has diabetes, you need to be careful with the medications they take. Some medications contain sugar, which can be harmful for pets with diabetes. That's where compounding comes into the picture. Compounding allows for the removal of sugar, which allows the medication to be used by pets who've been diagnosed with diabetes. 

Avoid Allergic Reactions

If your pet suffers from drug allergies, there may be some medications that they can't take. That can be a real problem if there aren't other prescription options for your pet. If that's the case, compounding can help. With compounding, the medication can be modified to avoid the problem ingredients. That means your pet will get the medication they need, without the ingredients they're allergic to. 

Improve the Taste

Finally, if your pet has a problem swallowing liquid medication that has a bitter taste, talk to your veterinarian about compounding. You might think that flavor additives are only for human medications, but that's not the case. The same compounding that adds flavor to human medications can be used to make pet medication taste better too.