If embarrassment is one of your reasons thus far for not seeking treatment for your painkiller addiction, you may feel more comfortable about your treatment options when you realize that any services that will be rendered are confidential and will not be released to people outside of the treatment center that you choose. Making changes in your life can be intimidating, but there are various treatment options that will help you maintain your self-dignity and bond with others who are going through the same battle as you. 

Find The Right Type Of Treatment

Nobody is forcing you into treatment and you do not need to divulge your situation to anyone on the outside, especially if doing so may cause you emotional distress that could lead to relapsing. The first step associated with an effective treatment plan is picking up the phone and reaching out to customer service representatives of various treatment facilities.

Inpatient and outpatient treatment is available and each treatment type may be broken down further, to fit into an individual's personal schedule. For example, if you are currently employed and have been able to maintain your good standing and handle your work responsibilities, but you are leaning more toward prescription pain pills and worry that the medicine is becoming essential to your well-being, you may respond well to an outpatient treatment option, which involves attending one-on-one counseling a few times each week.

For a more severe dependency and a dire situation that involves not having a job any longer and being without a permanent address, an inpatient treatment center may be more effective. With an inpatient treatment option, you have the opportunity to completely change your life. Once you enter the doors, you can move on from your past and begin a healthy chapter that is more fulfilling.

Understand The Addiction Cycle And Use Peer Support

Understanding how one can become addicted is a crucial step that will aid you in staying clean. If you are aware of your emotions and any triggers that make you feel as if you need to take a pill, you have a resource that you can draw upon and use to ward off cravings.

Some changes in your social circle and the way that you perceive things around you can make you feel better about yourself and help you stay clean. During your recovery, you will meet some people who you may be inclined to support. Many people who have overcome their addictions were able to do so by being actively involved in the support of others who are going through similar struggles.

For more information, reach out to a local addiction treatment center.