If you have a family history of many concerning medical conditions, but you haven't been to see a physician in years because you think you are fit and fine, you need a reality check. There are many underlying conditions and heredity concerns that can be relevant, even if you feel like you are in good health. You want to get checked to make sure that you aren't at the risk of a major medical catastrophe, and to see how your labs and overall health are. Here are some things to talk with a primary care physician about, and things to worry about.

Heart Health and Conditions    

You could have a serious heart problem, like high cholesterol, and not know it. Heart disease affects people regardless of age, race, and gender, and you could be on the brink of a heart attack or heart failure without knowing it. You want your cholesterol levels check, along with your blood pressure. An EKG may even be recommended if you have a family history of heart failure or heart complications.

Skin Conditions

Melanoma and other skin conditions like foot fungus can turn into a serious health problem, and can even be fatal. If you have noticed that you have some discolored freckles or moles, or that you have bad fungus that you can't get rid of, you want to talk with your physician right away. You may need treatment for malignant cells, or you could need a anti-fungal treatment cream stronger than what you can get at a drug store.

Age Concerns

As men and women start to age they develop different types of problems related to their anatomy. If you are a female you want to make sure that you are getting your pap smears and your regular breast examinations, and as men start to age its recommended that they have their prostate examined along with colonoscopy. You don't want to miss these important screenings.

If you haven't been to the physician in years and you know that you come from a family that has a lot of genetic diseases and conditions, you don't want to put off making your appointment any longer. If you know that you have a family history of a certain type of condition or disease, than getting the treatment that could postpone or prevent the problem is necessary, or you may find out that you already have a condition that needs emergency treatment.