Do you experience tension headaches at least once a week? There are plenty of things that could cause these headaches to occur, including stress and a major lack of sleep. When you start experiencing a tension headache, you may immediately try to get into your bed where you can rest, relax, and try to sleep it off. However, there are some other ways to relieve the pain that you should consider trying.

Start Receiving Chiropractic Care

Did you know seeing a chiropractor could help reduce the number of tension headaches you experience on a regular basis? The chiropractor could perform spinal manipulation that works to reduce tension from different areas of the body, including the shoulders, spine, and even the neck area. Chiropractor care is a natural technique. You may no longer have to rely on pain medication to treat the tension headaches. The best way to have the most success with this type of care is to see a chiropractor regularly rather than just going for an adjustment one time.

Use a Combination of Hot and Cold Therapy

A combo of hot and cold therapy may help ease the discomfort of the tension headache. You could start by filling up your bathtub with warm water. Soak your body in the warmer water while placing a frozen compress on the back of your neck. Soak in the water for at least 15 minutes to increase comfort and get the relief you're looking for at that moment.

Apply Essential Oil Directly to the Forehead

The scent of lavender essential oil has been known to help reduce the pain caused by tension headaches. Another way to treat your tension headache at home would be to apply a few drops of this essential oil directly to your forehead. Rub the essential oil around on your forehead in a massaging motion for at least a minute. Take a piece of cloth and wrap it directly around your forehead, putting a bit of pressure on the forehead. The pressure you're applying to the forehead could take away some of that pain you're feeling.

Migraine headaches are often uncomfortable and difficult to handle. If you're getting these headaches a lot lately, you may want to start receiving regular chiropractic care to reduce some of the tension in your body. When dealing with one of these headaches, you may be able to get some instant relief by soaking in a warm bath with a frozen compress on your neck or applying lavender oil to your forehead and wrapping it tightly with a piece of cloth. For more information, visit websites like