If your parent is no longer safe living alone at home but does not need the care of a skilled nursing facility, then an assisted living apartment is just the right move. While you may be apprehensive about your parent moving into their new home and wondering how you will ever decide what items will be sold, stored, or moved, take heart as the process will move smoothly if you follow these guidelines:

Let Your Parent Choose What Belongings They Keep and Move

Since your parent is able to still live on their own with some assistance, it is vital that you let them make the choice of what items to bring into their new assisted living apartment. Imagine for a moment that your parent was moving you into a new space. Would you want them to choose the items you take with you? Of course not. While there may be limitations on space or specific items, your parent should otherwise decide how to fill their new home.

Don't Move Valuable Items into an Assisted Living Apartment

Just as with any other type of apartment living, security can be a concern when it comes to theft. Since other residents of the complex may have mental health issues or dementia, it is always best to store valuable items elsewhere. This is more of a concern for smaller items like jewelry or decorative items than for larger items such as an antique piece of furniture. 

Skip the Yard Sale If the Process Stresses Out Your Parent

If your parent is considering having a yard sale to sell unwanted items but the process is too overwhelming for both of you to deal with, consider donating usable items and renting a trash dumpster for others. Larger or more valuable items should be sold online or can be taken to your local auction house for sale. 

Try to Avoid Using a Self-Storage Unit If at all Possible

Finally, while your parent may suggest renting a self-storage unit to store their belongings "until they can come back home" you want to avoid this common pitfall. If you use a storage unit to store items, then you will have a monthly bill to pay that can quite literally last for many years to come. To avoid this fate, insist that your parent work with you to find new homes for all of the items in their current living space without the use of an expensive storage unit.