If you suffer from asthma, you may be looking for ways to control the symptoms naturally. In addition to prescribed treatment from a physician, you might want to consider some home remedies and natural ways to manage this condition. Taking the following measures may reduce the likelihood of experiencing an asthma attack, which includes symptoms such as wheezing and shortness of breath:

1. Eliminate Allergens and Irritants in Your Home

This includes dust, pollen, pet dander, cigarette smoke, and chemical irritants. Exposure to any of these may trigger an attack for an asthmatic. Do a thorough house cleaning weekly, and vacuum several times a week. Dust the furniture daily. Don't allow anyone to smoke in your home.

If exposure to pet dander seems to worsen your asthma symptoms, keep your dog or cat well groomed. Keeping your pet's fur clean through routine bathing may help to control the pet dander in your home.

It is also a good idea to inspect your home for signs of mole spores. Exposure to mold is very unhealthy and a major contributor to asthma in adults and children. Prevent mold from growing by drying dampened areas or using a dehumidifier. Keep your home as well ventilated as possible.

2. Maintain a Proper Weight

Obesity may worsen asthma symptoms, as the excess weight can make it more difficult to breathe. If you are overweight, try to lose the extra weight sensibly through a healthy diet and exercise program. Ask your doctor for advice and follow his or her instructions.

3. Stay Away From Others Who Are Sick

Contracting a respiratory illness increases your risk for an asthma attack. For this reason it is important to avoid exposure to those who are sick. Wash your hands frequently, especially when someone in your household has a cold or other respiratory infection.

4. Try Beneficial Breathing Techniques

You may find that breathing exercises make you less dependent on inhalers. There are several techniques that may work for you, such as inhaling then exhaling slowly or diaphragmatic breathing. Ask your doctor for information on how to perform these these exercises properly.

5. Consider Herbal Remedies to Control Your Asthma Symptoms

Did you know that oregano may be beneficial in controlling your symptoms? This flavorful herb contains natural anti-inflammatory properties, so sprinkle it generously on your favorite Italian dishes and sauces. You might also want to drink some oregano tea which may be brewed from oregano and hot water.

Also, look for a supplement called ginkgo biloba at your natural foods store. This herb has a natural anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect. Taking this supplement may help reduce inflamed airways caused by asthmatic episodes. Other supplements with similar anti-inflammatory properties include ginger and ginger tea, garlic and slippery elm.

Although all of the above mentioned remedies are meant to help you manage your symptoms naturally, you should not stop taking prescribed medications without the approval from your doctor.