Suffering from chronic lower back pain is quite common for adults, but it is not something you have to live with. Depending on the type and cause of your back pain, you might be able to relieve most or all of the pain through yoga. Yoga is an activity that dates back thousands of years, and it has been used to treat anxiety, depression, pain, and many other things. If you are tired of living with lower back pain and want to find natural relief, you might want to begin using yoga. Continue reading to learn more about this option.

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a type of practice or technique that is designed to unite the body, spirit, and mind. It is made up of a combination of poses and breathing techniques, and it is something you can do at a class or at home. It is best to complete yoga in a place that is quiet and relaxing, and it is something you can do every single day if you would like.

What Are The Main Points Of Yoga?

Through yoga poses and breathing techniques, you can learn and achieve many different things. For one, you will learn how to truly relax your entire body. When you are able to do this, it will help every muscle in your body reach a complete state of relaxation. As this occurs, it relieves all the stress and pressure on your muscles, and this gives them a break. This break can be very helpful for relieving pain.

A second point of yoga is to learn how to clear your mind of all your thoughts. While stress in itself does not typically cause chronic pain, it can certainly add to the pain you have, and it can cause major tension in your muscles. Lower back pain can be the result of many things, but adding extra tension from stress will always make it worse. As you learn how to properly meditate and breathe during yoga, you can completely eliminate the stress from your mind and body for a short time. The more you do this, the less pain you may feel in your back. In addition, you may also find stress relief through yoga, even though you are doing it to find relief from your back pain.

The third main point of yoga is to help you work out your muscles so they become more flexible and limber. Yoga poses are often designed to help you stretch, and stretching on a regular basis is a great way to naturally relieve back pain. As you stretch regularly, your muscles will strengthen and your range of motion will improve. You will not feel as stiff as you once did, and little by little you may experience less pain.

What Yoga Poses Can You Begin Using Right Away For Pain Relief?

Learning how to complete yoga poses is better if you have a trained professional teaching you; however, there are stretching exercises you can do at home that are just like some of the poses taught in yoga classes. Here are two different ones you could try to get started with this:

  1. Downward-facing dog – To do this, you will need to get on your hands and knees with your feet touching the floor. With your hands flat on the floor, begin straightening out your knees so your legs are as straight as possible. This will leave your buttocks facing the ceiling and will help you stretch out your back.
  2. Cat and cow pose – The second exercise you can try will require getting on your hands and knees again. In this position, you should keep your knees and hands on the floor so that your back is in a horizontal position. Next, push your back up so your spine is as high as possible. After that, lower your back so your spine is as low as possible.

Completing these exercises each day may bring you back relief. If you are interested in learning other options for treating back pain, contact a clinic that specializes in pain management, like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates